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Ye Ol’ Rental Scam

Hello dear reader.  Do you mind if I call you “dear reader”?  Or is it too … chummy?  Too … affectionate?  Fine.  Hey reader … Hi.

If you didn’t know already, and the huge Photoshop’d headshot over there to the right floating over the LOUD red LYON Real Estate logo didn’t tip you off, I’m a real estate agent. So as real estate agents do, we take clients out to look at houses … houses of all shapes, all sizes, all colors.  You name it, it’s out there, and if you wanna see it, we’ll show it to you. (Speaking for myself)

This evening, I took a client out to see a few houses.  The last house we visited was a quaint two bedroom in a great little neighborhood.   As we approached the front door, there was a notice posted in the window.  Usually this might be a foreclosure notice or even a “Swimming pool being monitored by Mosquito & Vector Control” notice.   But as we got closer, I started to read the posted paper.  It was one that I had not seen before. It read …

THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR RENT! If you are responding to an ad you saw on Craigslist IT IS A SCAM! If you lost money, we are not responsible.   Only a Realtor can enter this house, anybody else is not allowed and it is illegal”.  Or something very similar to that, come on, I’m paraphrasing.

Apparently with the economy the way it is and so many vacant houses out there, the double-crossers have seen the opportunity and jumped on it.   So the question is, how can a potential renter or a homeowner protect themselves against these swindler types?  Well I’ve done some digging around dear rea-, I mean … reader, and came across a website that gives some answers.   [See below]   Hopefully with these tips, you or someone you know won’t fall victim as some unfortunate people already have.

Have you or anybody you know been “rental scammed”?  If so, please share in the comment section below.  Please feel free to Share this.